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Major projects that are no longer being work on. This board does not contain projects that have been finished. Source code is generally available for people who want to continue the projects.

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No New Posts The Axe Parser Project

A revolutionary on-calc 83+/84+ compiled programming language that use a syntax similar to TI-BASIC, much easier than ASM, but practically as fast. Project by Quigibo. Use this section to discuss the project development and to ask or give help. This sub-forum is also available directly from A programming help sub-forum is available in the help section here.

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No New Posts CaDan SHMUP

A superb shoot-em-up game for the TI-83+/84+ calculators based on a popular japaneese shooter called Touhou. By Iambian.

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No New Posts Cubes

2D puzzler. Once you start moving in a given direction, you can't stop or change directions unless you hit a wall (at which point you stop). Made in Axe by JustCause.

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No New Posts Doodle Jump

A vertical platformer game similar to Papijump for the iPod Touch, but sci-fi style and faster-paced. Made in Axe by Mohammad.

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No New Posts Escheron: Shadow over Ragnoth

Formerly known as Lost Legends II, amazing looking 4 level grayscale ASM RPG. Started by Zera (Grendel) and originally coded by Liazon and Halifax. Now taken over by Iambian.

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No New Posts Jumpman 68K

One of the rare TI-89/92+/v200 game still in development. A 68K port of a Commodore 64 classic platformer similar to Donkey Kong Jr. By Ranman.

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No New Posts Metroid: Chozo Mission

An Axe language Metroid clone for the TI-83 Plus series. By Ti-DkS.

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on October 17, 2013, 02:47:24 pm

No New Posts nDoom

A TI-Nspire port of the classic First Person Shooter Doom, compatible with WAD files. By Mrakoplaz

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No New Posts nSDL

A port of the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for TI-Nspire developers. By hoffa.

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No New Posts Pokémon Purple

The long awaited Pokemon Blue+Red bundle is coming to a TI-83 Plus SE/84 Plus SE near you, pushing TI-BASIC with minimal lib usage to its limits! By tifreak8x

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No New Posts Pokemon Red

a complete TI-83+SE/84+SE port of Pokémon Red in ASM Flash APP format featuring grayscale. Project by Buckeye

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on March 12, 2013, 02:08:54 am

No New Posts Portal X

Another 2D clone of the popular computer game Portal, this time written in the new Axe Parser language! By Builderboy

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No New Posts Serenity

A science-fiction platformer in the style of Mega Man and Metroid, but with puzzles elements, for the TI-83+/84+ series. By Builderboy.

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No New Posts WabbitStudio Software Suite

ASM development package including the popular WabbitEmu emulator still under development. By Revolution Software.

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