Author Topic: VOTE: CPU for OTZ80 - eZ80 20 MHz or 50 MHz?  (Read 15804 times)

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Re: VOTE: CPU for OTZ80 - eZ80 20 MHz or 50 MHz?
« Reply #60 on: March 26, 2011, 11:17:31 pm »
I don't really see a point in maintaining z80 compatibility, considering it would be illegal to include an 84+ emu anyways (unless it had kOS on it)
It's not illegal if it ships without a ROM (or with kOS, of course) and you have to provide your own, I think.
Also the emu doesn't have to come with the calc. It can be separate.

And yeah I agree the focus should be put on one calc. Since uberspire is working on Ubercalc, let's focus on OTZ80 next Summer so more energy can be put in it.
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