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[Request] Sprites based on Ikaruga ships

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Hey guys,

I need some people to help me with the graphics for nKaruga. I was able to use the Ikaruga sprite (Ikaruga is also the name of the player's ship) that someone made, but as I discovered later, those were apparently the only 2D sprites related to Ikaruga on the whole internet.

So what I'm asking for is, sprites of no more (or no less, depends on how much you like doing that) than 4 ships, that you could base on this video. I'd need :

* the very first ships. See 0:16
* the third sort of ships you see. See 0:40
* the big ones. See 1:25
* why not the first boss ? If you do it, no need to draw multiple frames, only a static image will do.I'd like the images around 30*30 of dimensions, whatever fits you.

Thanks by advance, I know it's a lot of work :/


really nobody ? >_>

No sorry can't help.

I might be able to do the first enemy. I suck at spriting though >.< Can it be "inspired by" rather than a copy/port of the sprite?
edit: sorry, scratch that. I'd love to help but I know that if I offer to help someone I never get around really doing it. Sorry for getting your hopes up x.x

Meeeeh >.<


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