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Calcs can make art on their own...

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Being a tech nerd myself, I ALWAYS fail at making decent art (school art class absolutely sucks :( ).
Of course, I like looking at beautiful art, but I also hate most art. So I decided to see if I can get my calc to make some decent art. I succeeded in doing this by making a program (TI-BASIC mandatory for this) that generates random explosion-like line-based images. It is fun to watch how they get made up, line by line. Of course, the 15MHz z80  extends the drawing time way to much. I haven't gotten around to putting it on, but I may do so on the next school break or some other time. So,yes, this prooves that a primitive device like my TI84+SE can make art. XD XD XD

Do you have a screenshot of this?

I don't have exactly enough time to get that and post it here. I may post the screenshot and/or program at some other time.  Please understand that I have huge time limits and am very busy.

EDIT: Should be soon on I think I named it ''Calculator Art Package 2017'' (it contains 2 programs). If you have access to an overclocked calc running at 20MHz or more, use that. :-)

If you are looking for some cool art programs try this one.
It makes a different spiral if you are in degrees or radians. (and it is under 80 bytes)

Thanks alot! Will definitely look into customizing this (if I can understand the code...). ;D ;D To bad i don't have a color calc, because then the artwork would be better. :-[


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