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Hello everyone!

I just want to centralize all my pixel art thingies I let around the site here, and avoid bloating the random sprite topic or the mockup topics with loads'o'sprites.

So, there are the sprites I did these times:

And now, the mockups

Maps, maps, maps MAPS
Spoiler For Big Maps: - Zelda 1 First dungeon.
TIleset here

Let's think about OmniRPG Guys!

Wallpapers, anyone? (generally 1920*1080. Ask for another resolution)

* Low-Poly.Spoiler For Biiig Images:

EDIT N°001 : Changed Zelda 1-1 dungeon in colors, and added some neat deco. Added colored tileset from Jerom. COloring courtesy of my brain and my eye.

That's a lot of pretty good stuff, keep up the great work :)

^What Sorunome said. Also, I know I didn't have a chance to comment yet, but those Zelda dungeon mockups look really cool. ;D

(Lil' update to the tileset coloration. Added a full load of colored candies! :p)

Thanks guys! I have some downvotes about the set itself: for instance the ennemies doesn't have any animations. This set seems to be designed more for a Fire Emblem like.

Well as I already said you are so damn awesome at pixel art. :D


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