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glitchness / databending (warning, large things are large)

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so, for the past while, have been making "glitch art" things, which basically entails taking bits and pieces from existing images (sometimes things i take myself), modifying them algorithmically or randomly in interesting ways, and pasting them together to make something new.

here are a few (click for full versions, but watch out for large file sizes!):





(yes, the pink and teal one is me ^_^)
if these are interesting, have lots more on my site place ( and a redbubble thing as well (

does anybody else do this sort of thing?

This is cool. I especially like the one with the moon (earth? other sphere?) rising in the distance and the fractally one.

What kind of modifications are you making? What kind of modifications are you making, and what software are you using to make them?

it's difficult to lay out, step by step, what's done to any of them, as they use lots and lots of things (some of these took like 5 hours, or even a couple of days, to finish). some of the techniques i used, though:

 - wave transforms (interpret an uncompressed image as sound data, apply sound transformations, and save as an image again)
 - pixel sorting (rearrange fixed-width, edge detected, or user-defined intervals of pixels according to their hue, value, or whatever else)
 - manually modifying jpeg quantisation tables
 - encoding and decoding from lossy compression formats for controlled artefacting
 - posterising and dithering with user-defined or auto generated limited colour palettes
 - rendering 2d and 3d hybrid fractals and viewing them from interesting "positions"
 - rendering 3d objects
 - yoinking stock textures from random places, from pictures i took of random things, or algorithmically generating normalised textures from interesting base images
 - fun ffmpeg tricks

and finally

 - lots and lots and lots of gimp, overlaying things, selectively shifting hue, saturation, contrast, selective blurring, COLOUR TO ALPHA, skewing, boring ole cut-n-paste


 oh, and hundreds of random gimp plugins and other image modifying tools and snippets collected from around the internuts, all combined together in fun (hopefully?) ways

as an example of how this all works in practice, here are a few screenshots walking through how i managed the kaleidoscope-y blue and pink palms one (over on site). went something like this (with some details left out):

>take a bunch of random pictures while driving around
>take one with a pair of palm trees with interesting relational proportions and dither them with a defined colour palette (screenshot 1)
>take several pictures of the sun at different exposures to get a pretty lens flare
>choose one, do the same thing to it, and combine it with the palms, tweaking colours (screenshot 2)
apply a simple kaleidoscope filter with user-defined properties (note, this picture is gigantor [~10kpx x 10kpx] and uses up almost all of 16GB of ram, or more if not careful, to process) (screenshot 3)
>crop, dupe to a new layer, apply selective blurring underneath, and a different texture on top, remove black from the top layer, so one texture is applied more to darker areas and one more to lighter areas, merge them together, and do some more colour and texture tweaking to get the final image (screenshots 4, 5)

this one went a bit more quickly than some others have, but you get the idea-ish  ^_^

a new thing:



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