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Hello everyone,
I'm exodusmodules. I'm a programmer and a musician, and I soon hope to be a pixel artist. A few friends and I are currently developing a game in Java called Emancipation. We're currently a a team of four; Eric is scripting our website in HTML, CSS, and JS; Matthew is producing music for the game, and Ben is programming. All of us are working on storyline also, but we have a bit of a problem.
Art. I'm programming, producing music, and originally was trying to do the pixel art for the game. However, I'm a beginner at pixel art, and just like speaking, it's so hard for me to transfer my thoughts into art, especially being a beginner pixel artist. And trying to get better at pixel art is taking up a lot of time; we planned to have a small tech demo ready by the end of summer, but I don't see that happening unless by a miracle of some sorts.
So, if anyone is interested in being our primary artist, I'll brief you up on the game below.

It's a science fiction game, set...sometime in the future (a mystery). Humans have been enslaved by an alien race (name not decided yet) for about 300 years. This is where our main character comes in, Alice (her name is a play on words sort of, she's an enslaved human, "Alice in Chains" lololol).
I have a sprite that I attempted below. Shading was bad, and I think a JRPG art style would be better (no mouth or nose, just the eyesssssss).

So. Our main character. She's enslaved as an engineer for the aliens, and spends her time building robotic parts and the like.  One day her and her friends find a way to circumvent the security system set up and escape their bondage, only to be pursued (what else did you think would happen?!!!). They manage to lose pursuers after a quick fight by our MC to buy some time for the rest (first boss battle!!!!). After running for a while, they reach a desert (the first part of the story is located somewhere near where Arizona used to be, heheh), and as they run, an aerial vehicle flies overhead. Naturally, they become frightened, only to find out it was a scouting vehicle utilized by our game's refugee group, The Renegades. Pilot gets out and talks, blah blah, and takes them to shelter where the rest of the local refugees are located.

Skip forward.
After acquiring the necessary parts, Alice and a few other guys build a mech system that could greatly help the humans against the much stronger, faster, and powerful aliens. Named the Iron Maidens, after the band   ;).

(A lot of the names I've come up with so far are references to heavy metal bands I listen to, the names are actually pretty good though imo lol).

So. If you're interested, pls respond m80s. I'm not quitting my learning of pixel art, but I do want a primary artist to speed up progress. The tiles are 32x32, btw.


We're using LibGDX, Box2D, Box2D Lights (for 2D Lighting) and the Tiled map editor for the game, so with a talented artist, we might actually have a neat looking tech demo out by the end of summer   ;D.

That looks pretty interesting, good luck!

I'm really wondering how well another person can portray my raw ideas issue I guess?

But back to the topic at hand, I'm sure you're a busy person Juju (judging by the amount of posts you have), but are you working on any major projects right now?

Yeah I'm quite busy with a few projects, plus I'm kinda terrible at pixel art. Maybe my brother could help.


--- Quote from: Juju on July 12, 2015, 01:59:58 pm ---Yeah I'm quite busy with a few projects, plus I'm kinda terrible at pixel art. Maybe my brother could help.

--- End quote ---

For some reason I thought you did the mane six art in your sig. XD


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