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Post your random sprites!

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This is what boredom gets you...

If anyone has any random sprites they found or aren't using please post them here.  Then people can use them if they need them.

DJ Omnimaga:
Wow I love them, especially the bowser one.

I got some sprites I allow other people to use if they give me credits or give credits to the company that made them (some are mine, while others are rips/coversions) in another thread. They were used in ROL3 and Reuben Quest

why did I make a kirby sprite?

One word: DITHERING.

Even the most basic pattern of dithering makes the difference.

a la

Yeah, that's something I stink at, which is why I prefer small sprites or ones with lots of detail.
besides, these' are for other's to use and edit anyways.


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