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The List of the Top 20 most Influential TI 83(+)/84+/SE games in TI History

This list was compiled to bring together 21 of the games that may not be the greatest or the most popular, but you can definetly see the influence in other games around now. So that means this is not based just on popularity or greatness. Now let's get started.

20. Ion shell

This may not be a game but it has definetly influenced tons of shells to flood the market in hope of getting the recognition that Ion once, and still, has held. Also without Ion a lot of the games in the list would not have been possible so I think it definetly deserves some spot in this list. It's libraries have also proved to stand the test of time as every beginner studies them, and every person builds upon them!

19. Tetris by Ahmed El-Helw

Tetris, by Ahmed, was released in 1999 and after that time a series of tetris clones in BASIC and ASM have been released with look alike graphics to this game. I think this was a staple in the TI community.

18. Block Dude

Possibly on of the most sought after games that has been remade tons of times. Remants are visible in serveral other programs that have a scent of Block Dude in them and may even tell you.

17. Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II basically displayed that fighting games were possible on the TI 83+ series. This game was ridicously innovative and have seen the likes of some games like King of Fighters 2K.

16. Megacar

Racing?? Is racing even possible on this calculator. Well Megacar proved that it was possible and more with scrolling and braking and everything else you would expect. Haven't we seen anyone use this likeness in other games like TinyCarZ. I agree TinyCarZ was much more innovative considering it has AI and better track graphics, but Megacar was first and it had full car rotation.

15. The Verdante Forest

This RPG was just crazy and showed the magnitude that could be put into a game. It killed the hearts of every programmer out there that wanted to replicate it. Amazing scrolling a very great storyline. Also there were many many sequels for this game.

14. Doom for the ti83

I know what you are saying. What happened to Gemini, and what about Wolfenstein. Doom came before both of those. Doom was a display of sheer genius even if it wasn't "ironed" out it provided fun and 3D on the calculator.

13. Grayscale Programming Package

Where would we be without this. Without Desolate or any of those other great grayscale games. This provided a rock solid foundation for FLICKERLESS grayscale programming on the ti 83+ series. It has been updated by Revsoft(Jim e) and is much more optimized, RGP, but GPP started making grayscale easy for the general public to use.

12. Space Station Pheta

Let's just admit it this is the first game to make 8x8 graphics look cool. This was the first program that I didn't spend my time thinking what the f*** is that supposed to be. Simply the best 8x8 graphics ever period.

11. Tunnel(I do not know who started it)

Tunnel provides a basis for almost every single beginner to every enter the community and it is present in almost every game that has some sort of chasing or racing or anything like that.

10. Metroid by Zeromus/CDI

This game was one of the first great Xlib platformers for TI-BASIC and was so innovative. It only got better as it went from the 1st Metroid to the 2nd Metroid which featured rising lava. Simply amazing.

9. Reign of Legends

A long and great RPG that is amazing. It has also survived three series and provided some solid basis for basic programs to come after it.

8. Contra 83

Considered influential by the general public and thought to have deserved a position on this list.

7. Real Sound v1.0

We all knew sound was possible on the TI 83 Plus but we didn't know it was possible to be this good. Real Sound was awesome and we all know it.

6. USB8X

USB8x unlocked a door to the future that has only been harnessed a little bit. It has not yet been fully taken advantage of, but I think some day we will see the true ability of this crazy technology.

5. MSD8x

Yes yes yes yes MSD8X provided some proof of what USB8X could do and this was an amazing feat at that. I love this program. Simply love it.

4. Xlib

Xlib. What can you say about Xlib except that it is the basis of some of the greatest TI-BASIC games to every grace our community. Without this where would basic games be. The list goes on forever of what games would not be here if Xlib wasn't. Best TI-BASIC library ever no argument about it!

3. uHz

Sorry I couldn't use the real character but this was a hardware display that was crazy and mind-boggling. If anyone could replicate this I would offer them 1 million dollars. Ben brushed it off like it was no thing to program but simple trigonometry, but this still treated us to more than expected. Pure z80 greatness.

2. Acelgoyobis

Possibly the most innovative game ever made for the TI 83+ family but not the most influential. Who ever though pinball was possible. Well this game displayed that anything was possible. It broke the barriers that no one had ever crossed over. I fought over putting this at number 1 but it was simply not as influential as #1.

1. Phoenix

We all knew that this was coming. Every one knows this is the most influential game. From Fire Track to thousands of Phoenix ASM clones flooding ticalc.org every week. You can't deny this game at all. There are even BASIC ports of this game. I would say that Phoenix clones make up a good %10 of the ticalc.org files.

Some notables:

Zelda by Spencer: This game has not been released yet but it is still notable.
68K games: Some of these may have possibly influenced some z80 games
MirageOS: This had an updated GUI and updated libraries compared to Ion.

Well that's all she wrote folks.


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