[HELP] Omnimaga SMF URL Syntax Guide

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Summary: A guide to the urls around Omnimaga Incomplete atm.

Omnimaga SMF URL Syntax Guide
Note: currently a work in progress and still missing lots of stuff. Also trying to make it neater and organised.

Omnimaga contains lots of links to many pages, but not all are easy to find. For convenience, sometimes it is quicker to type in the url than to click through several pages to find the link you're looking for. I have memorised some myself, and thought that this list might help you find the pages you find useful, or some hidden pages you hadn't seen before. In this way, you can navigate through Omnimaga faster!
In general, think of the Omnimaga URLs as a function and argument format, where http://www.omnimaga.org/index.php is the function, and ? separates the function from the arguments which follow.

Spoiler For Comprehensive List of Possible Omnimaga SMF URLs:

coming soon

General Syntax
http://www.omnimaga.org/index.phpThe base url, leads to the home page
www.omnimaga.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3;sa=statPanelThe arguments are: [View Profile] [User #3 (Netham45)] [View Stats]. Each argument is separated by a semi-colon

Spoiler For Common Argument Orderings:

Bback soon

Board Arguments
board=11.0The 11th board (News Board), you can change the board number (ID) manually to jump to another board.
board=11.300The number after the dot indicates which page of the board you want to view. Each page goes up in .50 increments, so 11.300 indicates the 7th page of the 11th board (News Board).

Spoiler For List of Major Boards:

Sorry please stay tuned. A list will be coming later.

Topic Arguments
topic=1453.0The Axe Parser Topic, you can change the topic number (ID) manually to jump to another topic. This can be useful for a thread you check on regularly, you can just type in the topic ID straight into the URL bar.
topic=1453.2130Similar to the board ID numbers but each page goes up in .15 increments, so 11.2130 indicates the 143rd page of the 1453rd Topic (Axe Parser Topic)

Spoiler For http://omniurl.tk URLs:

Posts are also shortened with an http://omniurl.tk url. This is indicated in OmnomIRC every time someone posts.
The first number is the topic number, the second number is the message number. It is as simple as that!

Action Arguments
action=[whatever action/feature]
action=downloadsActions can do many things and link to different pages

Spoiler For List of Actions:

Spoiler For sub arguments:

u=1 DJ_O's profile


Sa arguments
sa=page;p=5These two arguments must go together, otherwise it will give an error "No page selected!"

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