Why to buy a 68k calc

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Why to buy a 68k calc.

When I started programming we had 'only' the TI-92 and the TI-92+ calcs. So I used those. A few years ago I began using a TI-89, which I stilll use. (I even bought another one).The only other calc I have programmed on is the TI-83+, which I only started doing this year.  Till then I always had programmed in TI-basic, which is quite awesome on the 68k calcs. A proof of that may be this: http://www.omnimaga.org/index.php?topic=10682.0. You can see that the most featured pure basic programs on Ticalc.org are of the  68k calcs with 14 files. The z80 only have 3 files. I'm not trying to say that the z80 calcs are bad, but trying to pint out that the 68k's are even better! ;) This year I made a program in Newprog, which you can call the AXE for 68k calcs. :D It wasn't the hardest game but it went very smooth and I had finished it in  very few days.  It was as fast as an assembly or C program would be. I was really impressed.
Also the beautifull screens(TI-89: 160x100 px TI-92-V200:240x128) make programming on these calcs even more enjoyable.

In the past few years the 68k community kinda died, which is a very sad thing that can have to do with the fact that the z80 calcs are now needed for school and not other calcs. If you don't know why I'm sad just take a look a this page: http://www.ticalc.org/pub/89/asm/games/rate.html
It's a list of all the TI-89 asssembly games organised on rating. All of those games look, and I'm sure ARE very epic. At the basic section there'll be quite some nice games too, but just aren't rated that much because they're basic and many people probably won't even look at them.
Also all the 68k calcs(excluding the Ti-92(non plus)) have CAS(http://www.math.wpi.edu/IQP/BVCalcHist/calc5.html), making them an exellent calc for math.
In my opinion these calcs are the best and actually even beat the nspires a bit for me. Programming on it is wonderfull, it's actually better to say: It is a calc made for programmers. :D
So I'm recommending people who want to  program and want CAS to buy these amazing calcs and help the 68k community to come back alive and rule the world.

If you still believe another calculator is better or want a color calc feel free to do so. I'm just trying to show how I think. :)

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