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I pull up WikiTI for information about memory mappings.
I go to the 83+ Family Ports page.
I notice that 4D-5B are documented.
I look through them.  Not knowing much about USB, I don't know how much we can do with that information.  However, I want to know how it was obtained, and what we can do with it.  FloppusMaximus edited it last.

Deep Toaster:
WikiTI is magic :o

EDIT: But anyway, * Deep Thought wonders too

That information has been known for a long time. But I think this is the first time anyone has put it into formal writing. There is the old talk page but that is mostly just guesses. Really, the only place to get hard information about USB is to look at the source from USB8X, but even that is old (2005 I think).

I guess the only way to have up to date information is to be BrandonW. ;)

DJ Omnimaga:
I think it would be nice if when someone discovers a new trick and ensures that it actually works that he adds it to WikiTI or get someone to add it, so the info is not forgotten by people after a while. WikiTI is one amazing source of info for ASM learning.

I totally agree. Personally I have no idea how low level USB works. The only clues I've ever gotten are from looking at USB8X.

In addition, there is virtually no information on using hooks I remember the way I learned how to use them was actually by seeing examples posted in forums. Flash is also completely undocumented (but perhaps that's a good thing.)


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