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DJ Omnimaga:
Per request, I decided to put an online version of the command index on the forums. This is for those who don't want to re-download/open the Axe folder everytime they want to check for a command in particular. I will update what follows when a new version of Axe comes out.

Due to forum software limitations with special charsets, some things will appear weird below, such as >Frac and the ° symbol. There's nothing that can be done to prevent this, as editing the post changes those characters back to weird codes.

EDIT (Eeems): Put an iframe to a hosted version of it. ( )
EDIT (Netham45): I made the iframe taller.

Can this be stickied? it'd be a shame to get lost in all the topics.

DJ Omnimaga:
Yeah I'll sticky this. Note that some special chars won't show up and nothing can be done to solve this. Those chars are not supported by the forum MODIFY option. (They can be changed so they look fine, but if you edit the post again, they revert back to special codes)

Can you just paste in the actual characters? Like ° and ►?

DJ Omnimaga:
I tried. If I click submit, they show fine afterward, but if I edit the post again, the chars automatically reverts back to the weird codes. This means if I edit the post, but forgot to change one weird code, I have to re-edit the post every single time. This will be a major PITA to update.

I wouldn't be surprised if they would automatically change as well without even editing the post.

Another way could be to convert the doc to BBCode but that would be too much work. I think I'll just eventually put it online somewhere and replace the first post with an iFrame.


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