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Here's a nice little index of the current topics covered in the Routines thread:

How to add/subtract two 32-bit numbers by calc84maniac

Sin approximation routine by Builderboy (Now covered by Axe)

Blur Effect by DJ Omnimaga

For Loop with Increment of other than 1 by Eeems

Random Numbers in a given range by Quigibo

Displaying sprites with vertical offsets by Quigibo

Collatz Conjecture by calc84maniac

Tilemapper by Builderboy


Toggle Screen On/Off by SirCmpwn

Programs with images other than the Axe Parser Axe by SirCmpwn (Now covered by Axe)

Number Input by _player1537

16*16 Sprite Routines by _player1537

Entire Screen to Hex by SirCmpwn

AppVar Support by SirCmpwn (Now covered by Axe)

String Input by LordConiupiter

8*8 and 16*16 Sprite Editors by LordConiupiter

16*16 Sprite Routine by LordConiupiter

Greyscale by Builderboy (Now covered by Axe)

Greyscale Background by DJ Omnimaga

Sandstorm by DJ Omnimaga

Measuring the length of small font text in pixels by SirCmpwn

DJ's Sandstorm with extra effect by _player1537

Substring by Quigibo

AMOUNT OF CURRENT RAM by DJ Omnimaga, BrandonW, Calc84maniac and Iambian

Bresenham circle algorithm (Draws perfect circles) by calc84maniac

8.8 Fixed Point Multiplication by Quigibo (Now covered by Axe)

Automated Sound Loader/Player by Quigibo

Invert the Screen by DJ Omnimaga

Sprite Rotating and Flipping by Nemo (Now covered by Axe)

RLE (Run Length Encoding) Compression/Decompression by Nemo

Half Byte RLE Compression/Decompression by Nemo

How to retrieve data from OS matrices by Runer112

InData() Tutorial by Quigibo

String Input by ztrumpet

Smoothscrolling Tilemapper by shimbs

How to retrieve data from OS lists by Runer112

Number Input by aeTIos

HEX DISPLAY by Runer112

Deadly accurate Sine and Cosine Routines by Runer112

On Button Input by calc84maniac (Now covered by Axe)

Random Realistic Map Generator by Builderboy

Bresenham's line algorithm by Michael_Lee

Resuming to the Original Contrast by Runer112

Fade In/Out without changing the Contrast by squidgetx

Flexible-ish Drop Down Menu by nemo

Character explorer for ?Char by Darl181

Creating Ans as a String by Runer112

TIOS Style Menu by SirCmpwn

Advanced Sorting Features by Runer112

Draw an elliptical shape like an oval/circle by Ashbad

3 Byte and 4 Byte Addition/Subtraction/Display by Runer112

Complete Key Input by squidgetx

Running a basic program from Axe by Xeda112358

Drawing Bezier Curves by Michael_Lee

Evaporating Water Effect by Darl181

Arctangent (tangent inverse) Routine by ZippyDee

Animated Vertical Screen Flipping Routine by Runer112

Current Hardware Version (Figure out if it's an 83+/83+SE/84+/84+SE) by DrDnar and Runer112

Reading From/Writing To Ports by DrDnar

Clear a 6*6 Square on Both Buffers by ztrumpet and Runer112

Rounding Tricks by Deep Thought

InString and SubString like in Basic (but in Axe) by Runer112

Polygon Drawer by Michael_Lee

Iterator Programming Example (using lambda syntax and closures) by WaeV

Displaying Text with Newlines by ZTrumpet

Clipped Lines by Darl181

Interaction with the in-calculator Clock (84+(SE) only) by jacobly

Holy crap. That's awesome. Great job :)

Ooh, this is nice and convenient.  Thanks!

great thankz

Cool, bookmarked.
Also, are these all relevant/still work for the recent versions of Axe?


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