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Complete Axe Tutorial (in french) by kindermoumoute


Learning Binary by z80man: A quick explanation on this intricate system of numbers. 101010!

Explanation of pointers by Deep Thought: An excellent post detailing the basics of pointers for people new to Axe or otherwise low-level languages.

Launching external ASM programs from an application by squidgetx: credit goes mainly to Runer112 and FinaleTI though.

Program Flow Basics for a Platformer by Eeems: A short guide on how to setup your program so that it is easy to handle and relatively quick.

Specific Functions and Commands:

Table of Frequencies for use with the Freq() command accompanied by an explanation by Floppus Maximus

Bit Manipulation by Hot_Dog, Runer112, and nemo: A somewhat slapdash series of posts detailing how to read and write to bits.

The ** command by nemo: a full tutorial on fixed point multiplication.

Fix command tutorial by Scout: A more indepth explanation of the Fix command than the documentation.

Interrupts Tutorial by Hot_Dog: A detailed PDF showing how to maximize the effectiveness of interrupts in Axe

Using Axe to its full functional form ? by Ashbad: A nicely written tutorial on how to take advantage of many of Axe 1.0.0's new features including lambdas, getting label addresses, etc.

Lazy Evaluation by Ashbad: Another excellent tutorial this time discussing how to implement lazy evaluation in an Axe environment.

Game Mechanics:

Physics Lessons by Builderboy: A great collection of physics lessons explaining gravity, cellular automata, trig, and more! (Sorry Builderboy, I unstickied it for now, you can put it back up if you want)

Slope Physics Tutorial by squidgetx: an indepth-exploration/physics lesson.

Arrays and Bullet Code by Deep Thought: A work-in-progress on manipulating complex data structures, geared specifically towards coding bullet and ememy systems.

SHMUP tutorial by Deep Thought: In-the-works tutorial on making a Shoot-em-up game, building further on many of the concepts from the Array tutorial.

New Tilemapping Tutorial by yunhua98: a look at smoothscrolling tilemapping

Tilemapping Tutorial by SirCmpwn: The first comprehensive tilemapping tutorial including tilemap detection/collision

thydowulays's Complete n00bs guide to Tilemapping in Axe by thydowulay: Well, as the title says, a beginner's guide to tilemapping. Introduces basic concepts and sample code.

Beginner's Physics Tutorial by Scout:  A look at physics from the beginner's point of view.

OS and Data

External Variables Tutorial by FinaleTI: A comprehenisve tutorial on using the OS external variables such as appvars, real variables, lists, and more.

VAT tutorial by squidgetx: A tutorial showing how to go through the program table on the calc to retrieve programs/appvars

Pseudo-Huffman Compression by shmibs: A not-really-huffman compression technique that nevertheless is valid and useful.

Huffman Compression by Runer112: Runer112's response; focused on how to generate and use a Huffman compression tree.


Flame Graphics by Builderboy: Simple and easy way to create awesome fire effects in games.

Axe Grayscale Tutorials by Scout and squidgetx: Two short and simple tutorials on how to use grayscale in Axe

8 level grayscale by willrandship and kindermoumoute: O.o

Particluar Explosion Tutorial by leafiness0

Great job!  Index threads are great. :D

Deep Toaster:

--- Quote from: ztrumpet on February 20, 2011, 02:22:10 pm ---Great job!  Index threads are great. :D

--- End quote ---

Agreed, and I actually made something useful :D

"The ** command by nemo: a full tutorial on decimal multiplication." should be changed to "The ** command by nemo: a full tutorial on fixed point multiplication." IMO, though.

Fixed. (See what I did thar ;D)

Nice list ;D


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