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You could use the famous PxlOff 1,1 trick to force a screen refresh. ;-)
Actually, lots of those refresh issues were fixed with the fx-9860G series; however, a few are still there...

O yeah I forgot to say earlier. Unlike TI-BASIC pixel coordinates don't start at 0, but instead 1. Also the client area is 187x379.

DJ Omnimaga:
Ah, right, although on the Prizm PxlOff is so friggin slow (3 pixels per second rate) so that would slow down the game quite a lot. X.x

EDIT: Why does PxlOn 1,1 works, but not PxlOn X,Y? We can't even use variables as arguments? I get a message saying the arguments must be an integer, even though they're integers

For 1->X To 96
For 1->Y To 64
Pxl-On X,Y

X and Y are used internally when drawing things - so you should not use them.
The same is true for r and theta when doing polar stuff.

DJ Omnimaga:
oh, right. I'll try with other variables, then. Thanks.

EDIT: Ok that works. Is there any way to speed up drawing or something? I find it hard to believe a 6 MHz calc with a 8 bits CPU can fill 5985 pixels by the time a 29 MHz 32 bits CPU one can't even fill 300 O.O


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