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DJ Omnimaga:
Yeah in RUN|MAT it works fine, just not in PRGM.

However I noticed it seems to work if I set the pic as a background. I guess a background could do the job maybe, although that doesn't allow dual-layer ASCII graphics it seems D: (see animated screen capture for what I mean about dual-layer ASCII graphics).

Thanks a lot by the way!

Maybe this is because the program execution stops after RclPict 1?
Try putting it into a loop or append the small triangle command after RclPict to pause the interpreter (until you press [EXE]).

DJ Omnimaga:
Actually I noticed something even worse: Cls doesn't do anything O.O

(Btw I tried with the triangle thing and also For 1->Z to 999:Next)

Could this just be my OS? I think you or someone else who has access to OS 1.02 should try on it to see. I hope Casio won't wait a year or two before releasing 1.02. X.x

Have a look at this:

--- Code: ---// Program: INIT
Horizontal -1
Horizontal 1
StoPict 1
Vertical -1
Vertical 1
StoPict 2

// Program: TEST
Prog "INIT"
While 1
Cls:RclPict 1_ // '_' is the small triangle
Cls:RclPict 2_
--- End code ---

--- Quote ---Actually I noticed something even worse: Cls doesn't do anything
--- End quote ---
Indeed, when "Cls" is followed by a loop, the screen won't be cleared immediately.

PS: I don't own a Prizm yet.

DJ Omnimaga:
I see. Well, I tried replacing _ with For 1->A To 999:Next and the pics wouldn't show up. I guess RecallPict only works as soon as the program is paused. Thanks for the help!


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