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The Best Linkers
« on: October 09, 2011, 04:43:14 pm »
I am using assembly, but this question about linking in general, so this section seems the most low-level and appropriate.

I've dabbled with assembly a few times before, but one problem that always bugged me is the linker I used.
I already had MinGW installed, so I just used GCC to link my object files, however this always created huge, bloated files.
I suspect this is from including crap I don't need, but I have no idea how to disable this.

So, what suggestions would you guys make for a Win7 x86/x64 Linker, that is either non bloaty like GCC, or it is easy to disable all this bloat.

Tips for disabling GCC's bloat are accepted as well.

Note: I'm using NASM as my assembler.
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