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Re: ESCAPE: The Entity
« Reply #15 on: November 21, 2012, 10:35:49 pm »
After a month-long hiatus, I finally have updated the game!
I pretty much spent all day finishing the second floor :P

Game link. (On dropbox, because GameJolt is having problems

Random screenie:

Spoiler For Updates:
Alpha v0.3.0
+Added hint button (h)
+Added transition scene
+Completed missile programming
+Removed cursor
+Added pause screen (esc)
+Completed back room
+Added checkpoints
+Improved death screen
+Completed timer enemy programming
+Completed left wing puzzle
+Completed 2nd floor

Alpha v0.2.2
+Obtained textures for floor 2
+Completed model of floor 2
+Completed cutscene programming
+Completed timer programming
+Completed right wing puzzle

Alpha v0.2.1
+Made jumping distances shorter
+Removed warning message
+Fixed significant bug in floating platform room
+Added banner in standalone
+Standalone 14mb smaller

Alpha v0.2.0
+Added icon for standalone
+Changed input menu
+Fixed block overlap glitches
+Added speed changes for enemy
+User can push shift instead of enter in menu to skip intro
+Completed floating platform programming
+Completed basic inventory scripts
+Completed key and keydoor programming
+Completed third room
+Completed first floor

Pre-alpha v0.1.3
+Levers finshed
+Second room completed
+LeverBridge script completed
+Added warning text

Pre-alpha v0.1.2
+Added elevator script
+Built frame of second room
+Textures redone
+Began programming of levers

Pre-alpha v0.1.1
+Death sequence improved
+Enemy programming tweaked
+Added death screen menu
+Improved text resolution

Pre-alpha v0.1.0
+All Menu features completed
+Added intro scene
+Significant audio optimization
+Spawn room model completed
+Wrote enemy programming
+Changed death sequence

Pre-alpha v0.0.3
+Main Menu added
+Credits page added
+Sky texture tweaked
+Sound effects tweaked

Pre-alpha v0.0.2
+Ambience volume tweaks
+Added drums and heartbeat
+Added the night sky
+Audio files optimized

Pre-alpha v0.0.1
+Project begin
+Ambience added with distance limiters
+Player controls added
+Added death sequence with camera shake

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Re: ESCAPE: The Entity
« Reply #16 on: March 04, 2013, 12:23:17 am »
Lol I tried this and I still can't get past the 1st level. Actually I got past the 1st area with switches, but then I discovered I was not even close to done with it since there's another part with moving platforms behind :P

Are levels incredibly long? Because it seems like I only manage to get past the switch part a few seconds before I would get killed. D: