Author Topic: I need suggestions for 3rd 100% item in Elimination  (Read 4002 times)

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I need suggestions for 3rd 100% item in Elimination
« on: January 04, 2012, 01:42:58 pm »
In Elimination, you can strive to find 100% secrets and get 100% kills.  For a while, I was going to add a score for 100% items as well.  However, I forgot that if a player is doing exceptionally well, it's impossible to collect 100% items, because health packs and ammo cannot be collected if a player is "healthy and wealthy"!

I was thinking about adding treasures like in Wolfenstein.  But the only thing that a player would gain from treasure is a 100% score.  I was hoping for something that would help a player in the game, something that a player would strive to find for reasons beyond a 100% score.

Here's a couple of ideas I was thinking about for an additional "collectible" that can help a player get a 100% score.  I'm open to more ideas as well, as these are only my ideas.

1. "The Golden Gun" bullets -- You can pick up a bullet for "the golden gun", and by firing it at an enemy (except for a boss) the enemy will instantly die.  Golden bullets will reset to "0" at the end of each level
2. Battery -- Pick up five batteries, and you can bring yourself to 100% health using an electronic medkit.  This is useful for if you need to heal yourself desperately and there aren't any health packs nearby.  Batteries will accumulate from one level to the next
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Re: I need suggestions for 3rd 100% item in Elimination
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2012, 05:41:17 am »
I like the Golden bullets idea! Scatter 3~5 of them depending on how big the level is, and they must use it in that level so that they don't accumulate the Golden bullets to use in harder levels

Edit: or how about some kind if "health extension" item? after collecting this item, your HP is full and gain additional 30% health or something and it expires after certain time has passed (also you can't heal above regular 100% HP). Or something along that line :P

Or if it's possible, an item that grants faster shooting rate for certain time.

Another idea, lots of puzzle pieces scattered across the whole game, and if you collect all of them, you unlock a secret level (and make it survival mode) (again, only if it's possible :P)
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Re: I need suggestions for 3rd 100% item in Elimination
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2012, 10:33:23 am »
Those two sound quite awesome - but you could also consider using something like how in Doom, you can go past 100% health/armor with various potions.
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