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Well... Aegis-Rin didn't pan out. Got bogged down by the details and tbh, was created to be a bit too general without any real knowledge on automating the build procedures that would be necessary to make using the system easier. So instead we started over again. With further in-depth understanding of Brass' macro system, we've got the whole thing eaiser to code and compile.

Oh. And we have an actual plan. A real. Plan. On a piece of paper. Showing what needs to be happening.


--- Quote from: Iambian on May 15, 2016, 09:40:07 pm ---Update
* Most magic animations are now complete.
* Additional content added to Underdeep. It's now its own story arc.
* User and script-adjustable typewriter effect.
* Other things.

Demonstration of typewriter effect and some of the magic.
We have more down but I don't want to spoil too much.

Battle animations would've/should've been done sooner, but some of these things take a while to animate in a way that satisfies the whole team. There's still a few things left to animate, but it won't be long now before it's all done. After that and a few visual/bug fixes we get to do...

Cutscenes! Geekboy1011 is hard at work at the moment putting all the cutscenes together between the time you choose the "New Game" option to the time you gain control of your character for the first time. When I finish the battle animations and find myself satisfied with the system as a whole, I'm going to be jumping in somewhere in the middle to get the game's story stitched together. Zera/Escheron mentioned that the cutscenes he's been working on as of late are encroaching into Golden Sun-length territory. This could be a good thing.

There's also now no way in hell we'll be able to fit this game onto a normal TI-83 Plus without modifications. There's just too much content we want to add and compression we have isn't doing a good enough job. I mean, it's doing a fantastic job so far, but we just have so much to put in. I'm entertaining the idea of creating a miniature OS that contains just the basic calc functions so I can reasonably distribute this game as an OS update instead of an app. Something that would, on the surface, look just like the TI-OS until you try digging into the menus and realize they're all empty. While I do want people to play this game, I also want their calculator be usable as ... a calculator. This is planned after a release for the TI-83+SE / 84+(SE) monochrome calcs.

The Underdeep will have static floors interspersed between randomly generated floors which will also be randomly, but not repeatably, chosen where fun events can trigger and backstory can be told. Yes. The Underdeep now has its own story to it which further enriches the world of Escheron. I'm not privy to all the details for the same reason I'm not looking too deeply into the scripts for the game: I want to be able to enjoy playing this thing without too many spoilers once we finish coding the game.

* Remaining skill/magic animations
* Cutscenes
* Specialized transitions
* Update the Underdeep mapgen scripts

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Escheron on May 24, 2016, 01:45:46 pm ---Quick update on my end...

The game is now fully scripted. All of the character dialogs and cutscenes are written, but their actual incorporation into the project make take some time, since working with the cutscene engine is a nightmare in itself. (And luckily, that task falls upon Iambian and Geekboy1011 instead of me, since I'm not as technically oriented with the systems)

--- End quote ---

Planned builds

* 83+: on hold Project got to large. :(
* 84+: Current supported platform.
* 84+CSE: A compatability layer is included. Support for this platform will be limited.
* 84+CE: Never due to needing to rewrite everything for it to function on this platform.
Current code is available here.
as well as updates and stuff cause commits and things. ~ geekboy

looking nice, i sure hope that this will be finished :)

Good to see progress again. I have a question though, did you guys drop grayscale, or is that just not implemented yet?

We are dropping the grey scale in an attempt to make this...more sane to code? That being said we have some tricks up our sleeves ;) and 3 layer grey scale may show up. Who is to say still to early. But the projects current code name is E:BW or Escheron: Black and white.

So, Iambian brought this to my attention. I don't really lurk the boards anymore, so I'm not quite up to date on things. I also keep forgetting the password to my old Zera account, but this account should be fine too.

I'll go ahead and start working on the assets for a B&W version, along with the design documentation. You'll have to give me at least a week to get the assets ready and send them your way. I hope this is fine.


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