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Kinda sorta crosspost from Cemetech, except a summary in both text and screenshot form.

So Geekboy1011 convinced me to try the rebuild of Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth in Python so I can get the game out faster, and on other platforms. I justified this as an opportunity to finally have a low(er) effort method of coding cutscene/scenario data then backporting it to the calculator. Who really knows what's going on?

So far, I've got a simple title screen, some maps, NPCs, some menus, and some scripts (which allows use of vehicles at the moment but will drive scenarios as well).

Spoiler For Reason for first screenshot cutting off:

Shops, adding and linking remaining maps, sticking in preexisting NPCs, battle system, title sequence, and then everything else that didn't make it into the calc version before I stopped working on it.

Once I feel that the code isn't going to spontaneously mutate into an eldritch abomination (which tends to happen with distressing regularity), I'll move the git repo from gitlab to github. Or something to make it public and easily findable.

Looking good!
I feel like we might actually see an Escheron release after all :)

Oh, hey, glad to see you finally posted it here. I Couldn't be bothered to look up my Cemetech password to pester you about posting it here too. :P Anyhow... I'm sad that it won't be on calc, but happy that it is being worked on again. :D


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