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Should I get a TI-84+?

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I was thinking about buying a TI-84+. I found a really good deal at Costco ($130CAD).

I already have a half-broken/rugged TI-86 that I use for school work, and an 89T for programming and gaming.

I'm really not sure if an 83/4+ is worth it just for the games - thousands of free games  :woot: I know that there is 80% chance I won't learn how to program its BASIC language, simply b/c I like the speed of C for the 68k's. There are lots of great ASM tutorials for the 83/4+ though, so perhaps sometime later on I could experiment a tiny bit with assembly.

I was also thinking about buying an old Gameboy advance - I found a GBA SP Platinum at Costco for $99CAD (it also comes with some shitty Pokemon pinball game...), but I was put off by the fact that each game costs $40, and there's no way for an average Joe to get to program for it  :dang: But then again, there are some cool NFS games available for it...

I need help.

Well, that is a tough one. Taking into consideration:

84+ = $130.00,never buy any games ever, build your own, etc.

GBSP = $99.00, wait for games to be on the shelf for 6 or so months so they are around $20, and there not be too many good ones... (Personally, I don't mind the PokeMon game (not pinball) since it fits all the requirements to make it an RPG. I also love Golden Sun, Final Fantasy Dawn of souls, and the MegaMan Battle Network series...

Honestly speaking, if you find many games that you want to play that aren't on the 89, then it would be worth it. If you would like to make a game for the 83/83+/84+/86/89 calcs, then it would be recommended to get it. It is just something you will have to decide what is more valuable...

Me, I got both...  >D

DJ Omnimaga:
if u can find a 83+SE with a serial link cable (black), get this, that way you'll be able to play old BASIC games which the author sent to their comp using grpsah link :)

Wow I just found this on Amazon
and a great game for a greta price

Should I get it?

If you're going to get an 83 series, go with one of the silver editions. Especially if you're getting it for gaming.But let me just tell you what I went through:
83+SE-learned BASIC and memorized keycodes for nearly everything.
83 series-tried to learn ASM (failed/gave up within a month)
Got an 89Ti
The 83+SE just doesn't feel...right...anymore...I can't remember where the keys are that much either...I do have to finish MathStuf z80 for all those calcs though anyway at some point...


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