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TI-89 scrollable formula
« on: July 12, 2017, 06:00:08 pm »
Hi, I switched to a TI-89 from a ti 84 recently, and I think this calculator is very powerful.
However, on the ti 84 I used a program named PrettyPrint which allowed me to display formulas from a basic program.

This program had a really nice feature: basically, if the formula was very large and couldn't fit the screen, I could use the right and left arrows to move back and forth.

Now, on the ti 89 I found plenty of programs to display formulas, however all of them use the system call to prettyprint a string, so if a formula is bigger than the screen, it gets chopped.

Now, does any of you know of a program that can help me out?


This one looks promising, judging from the preview:

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