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Apology and temporary leave
« on: March 09, 2011, 07:51:02 pm »

As you might have heard or seen a little while ago, I've created a little mess. :P
Yup, that was all me, and I apologize to everyone. including KermM and DJ_O, for the mistake.
I'm not in a very good mood, and my head wasn't straight at the time. I was very rude to you guys, and that was wrong of me. The only thing I would appreciate from before was if KermM/Merth would make it more clear what they were doing. But, the past is the past, and it cannot be erased; only atoned.

That said, I will be departing this community (Omni and Cemetech) indefinitely. My decision is final in this matter - it does have to do a little bit with the incident I've caused, but it also has to do with.... Lent!* :) (You might now know when "indefinitely" is.)
I'm giving up something, and that something is going to this and the other forums every day. It's almost like an addiction if you think about it. :P

So what does that mean? From now to the end of my spring break, I will be abstaining from going to this site, nor #omnimaga or #cemetech. IRC is my other thing that I need to avoid, so I will limit myself to Friday/weekend only visits on my chan, #thebot.

Does that mean I've thrown Omnimaga and Cemetech out of the window for good? NO! :) I'll be back in time to release my secret project that I'll be working on while I'm gone.

What does this mean? It means I'll have to depend on the monthly newsletter for major project updates and calculator community news (which I love, btw). I will come to this site just to download beta or finished projects, but nothing else. It also means that any contact with me will have to be via Facebook or email. (You may obtain them via email/PM.) I wil NOT answer any PMs sent to me unless I know your email already, in which I will respond by email.

Sounds pretty reclusive? Yup - gotta kill the addiction and take some time off due to what has happened. I’m downloading all the available Axe routines and programs as we speak.

No worries - I’m still working on calculator programs, and eager to assist in web/PC/calc projects, but will be off Omni/Ceme/IRC for a bit. And as I’ve said, I’ll be back! (If not, it’s either because I’ve decided to permanently leave, or I’m busy at the time - more likely the latter.)

That said, here are some final announcements I’d like to make before I go *poof*:
Remember this site? Yup - it’s a fun haven for developers and users alike! :)
Two things:
1) This site will go down for maintenance on Friday due to speed issues. (Frankly, my VPS provider gave me 2 cores of 0.977 GHz, which as everyone knows, 2 slow processors still means slow!) After the minor maintenance, the server should be MUCH faster.
2) This site is soon gaining more abilities, like bot/daemon management, VNC (remote desktop), and more! :D However, I’m running out of money! I drop around $13/month for this service. It seems cheap at first, but then you realize eventually that you’re going to be out of money! Simply put, I’ve paid 5 months X $13/month =.... $65! O_O And now my money is getting dry. For those who use my server a LOT (you know who you are :P), please donate!

On the home page (, there is a ChipIn widget that lets you contribute to me.
However, it says $18. Why? If the donation amount reaches $18+ (and is sustained every month), I can upgrade to a 768 MB RAM server, making things a lot more faster. ;) Otherwise, the minimum amount is $13 by next month.

So please donate! :D

Remember this project? Yup, it’s being rejuvenated as we speak! :) I’ve “hired” Juju to be my help dev, which will definitely speed things up. :D (No worries Buckeye, you’re still needed to implement that image based keypad... :P) However, we’re still looking for budding C/C++ developers! If you are skilled in C/C++, please join us! Our project is FOSS, so it’s a non-committal code contribution basis. wxWidgets and Linux dev/usage experience is a major PLUS.

Secret Project(s??)
Ahh yes, don’t forget about that! :) (It’s a secret/They are secrets), so don’t bother asking what (it is/they are). :P If everything goes well, I’ll release a beta when I come back. If things go extremely well, I’ll release a surprise final version when I’m back. While I’m gone, I’ll be depending on some Axe/ASM friends for help. :)

That’s all! With that said, I’m off.** :)

*Lent doesn’t necessarily mean just Catholic, since other denominations of Christianity follow it. That explanation, however, is out of the scope of this topic, and probably the forum itself.
**I’ll be off for tonight, since I have projects and HW to focus on, but feel free to reply. I will respond to the replies for a final time tomorrow, and will be on my way.
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Re: Apology and temporary leave
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2011, 08:15:02 pm »
Ah ok, thanks for letting us know.
I wish I could donate to, but currently that isn't an option, can't wait for the update, and as soon as I can I will chip in some cash for it.

Can't wait to see your projects when you come back.

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Re: Apology and temporary leave
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2011, 10:28:55 pm »
I'm sorry to hear... but I'm sure you'll return stronger than ever after the break :D

And I'll be happy to help you with wxWabbitemu :)

And you have my email already I think :P

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Re: Apology and temporary leave
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2011, 10:31:06 pm »
Sad to see you leave. :(

I wish you the best of times in your absence, and we all will be waiting for your return! :)

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Re: Apology and temporary leave
« Reply #4 on: March 09, 2011, 10:33:18 pm »
Sorry to hear about your leaving, although I knew about it for two days. Apology accepted for the matter too. I am confident you won't do the stuff again. I hope you return soon, though, because a lot of us will miss you during your absence. I'm glad to hear you are planning to work on a secret project, though. I am curious how it will turn out.

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Re: Apology and temporary leave
« Reply #5 on: March 09, 2011, 11:18:00 pm »
You have my email.  I wish you luck, and accept your apology.  Will you keep the bots running?