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Anyone go to music concerts?

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DJ Omnimaga:
Nice. I wish over here they did more VGM-related concerts. There was a Power Rangers thing a while ago, though.

DJ Omnimaga:
Now I am back from Eluveitie despite some harsh cold, but I was taking it more easy so I won't get burned out before the show ends.

The biggest highlight of the concert: They brought a Quebec flag on the stage then they played the French version of Call of the Mountains *.*

The night before, I went to WWE Live (wrestling) and it was funny and entertaining. People say it's staged/fake but that's the goal: To give a show and entertain, not to compete, so when you know it it's pretty fun.

Going to Wise Guys on the 13th november ^.^

Visited Tool live at rock on the range ths year.


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