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Anyone go to music concerts?

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Loulou 54:
Yeah ! Wellen est dans la place ! ;)

I've just seen scorpions in concert last year. (my first "big" concert ^^) That was awesome !! (despite their age :p)
I'd like to see the Red Hot Chili Pepper, my favorite band. I think they will do a concert in France for their new album in october. :D


--- Quote from: Wellen on August 08, 2011, 05:25:59 am ---I went to the Sonisphere France in Amnéville ! (actually 40kms from where I live^^^)
The big Four, Gojira, Mastodon, Airbourne,..
My first 'big' concert, but what concert !

Edit : Forgot Dream Theater, my favourite band ^^

--- End quote ---

Dream Theatre... Awesome! ^^ I'd love to go see them someday. I may go to a journey concert this month, but I haven't been to any concerts yet this year.

I haven't gone to any this summer, the only concerts I go to are because my sister plays in a symphony, and I have to (not really) support her.

Kiddies, stay away from those mosh pits.  They be bad.

~ smashing pumpkins

So, the night has arrived. I'm going to see Journey tonight. Night ranger and Foreigner are going to be there as well. I can't wait, it's gonna be an awesome show!

Also, awesome that you saw the Scorpions Loulou I bet they kicked ass! :D


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