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MTV Music Generator <> MUSIC Creation software differences accross countries

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DJ Omnimaga:
Sometimes there are users who venture into the old MTV Music Generator series to create tunes, but because on each continent releases had different names, this can be confusing about what software we are talking about. Here's a list of all of them:

EuropeNorth AmericaPlatformYearDeveloperPublisherMusic-PS11998Jester InteractiveCodemastersMusic 2000MTV Music GeneratorPS11999Jester InteractiveCodemastersMusic 2000MTV Music GeneratorPC2000Jester InteractiveCodemastersMTV Music Generator 2MTV Music Generator 2PS22001Jester InteractiveCodemastersPocket Music-GBC2002Jester InteractiveRage SoftwarePocket Music-GBA2002Jester InteractiveRage SoftwareMusic 2002 Club Edition-PC2003Jester InteractiveJester InteractiveMusic 3000Digital Hitz FactoryPS22003 (2004 in NA)Jester InteractiveJester Interactive (XS Games in NA)Music 3000Digital Hitz FactoryXboxCancelledJester Interactive-MTV Music Generator 3MTV Music Generator 3PS22004MixmaxCodemastersMTV Music Generator 3MTV Music Generator 3Xbox2004MixmaxCodemasters
When I have time I might add small descriptions. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that in terms of direct sequels/upgrades and in terms of samples it would be:

Music->Music 2000->MTVMG2->Music 3000
Music 2000 PC->Music 2002 Club Edition->Music 3000

The rest got no direct prequel or sequel and don't include any sample from other games.

Differences between Music 2000 and MTV Music Generator
Noisetoys: The origins of Music 1

Yay DJ_O this is a great find! I knew about some of the many versions, but having them here referenced in one place makes it all the easier.
Speaking of referenced, it would be nice if we had a "Reference" section, though a bit different to "Tutorials".

Fear 2 Stop:
Forgive me for bumping an old topic, but MG3 technically is a part of the series in name only, as it was done by a different developer and uses a completely different engine.

DJ Omnimaga:
Yeah it was made by Mixmax. As a result, MTVMG3 had much less bugs and glitches, but it was absolutely horrible in terms of creativity freedom.

Fear 2 Stop:
It also wasn't very user friendly, at least to me.


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