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EDIT: Current version attached to this post.

Hi everyone !

You may have heard about one of my best programs, the RPG Herssahe, in several versions for each calculator model.
The version 4.2 (full Basic) is still one of the best graphicals RPGs for TI-82 Stats/TI-83.

A bit later, but I was still a young child, I made the 5th version of Herssahe with Xlib, when Axe and Grammer did not exist yet :P
But now, I think it is too old, crap, and I wanted to make a great program with Grammer :)

So I announce the sixth version, made with Grammer, with grayscale graphics :)

Notable changes (in project ;) ) from the 5th version:
[*]better AI in battles
[*]better names of items, attacks and spells
[*]items to retrieve and a true SCENARIO  ;D
[*]Grayscale and abuse of the particles to make beautiful graphics and animations
[*]Cheatcodes  :P and maybe texturepacks :)
[*]weight halved[/list]

Please give me all your ideas, especially if you know stylish names for attacks, I have 9 different attacks to name and no imagination :P

Thank you !!

Progress of the program: 12%
The program ZDATA will be compressed when I will have finished to draw all the sprites I need, don't worry.

DJ Omnimaga:
This looks very nice :D

Yup looks quite good Persy. ;)

I am making a "character creator" add-on, to allow you to create different characters with different names and different skins, and make them play on the same map ! (not at the same time...) Your other players will react as NPCs.

I am looking for cool sprites, now...

Oh that sounds awesome ! :D


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