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[Solved] Contrast inequalities ?


Hello, at the begining of my program, I have put a "Contrast(28" to have a correct darkness and a pretty grayscale on my TI-84 Pocket.

Unfortunately, if I send the program to my 84 Plus SE, it makes a very high contrast, very dark...

The values are not the same between different models, are they ?
How can I detect the type of model to put a good value ?

Thank you for your help...

That doesn't really answer the problem, it's more of a workaround, but maybe you could, instead of "detecting the calc", add a "settings" option in the menu under which there would be a "calibrate greyscale" option that would set and save an adapted value for the contrast in an appvar ?

The LCDs are manufactured for TI by a third-party. There are many factories capable of manufacturing compatible LCDs, and TI simply chooses whichever offers the best price. There is no way for you to detect, in software, the properties of the LCD. The same thing is true for the LCD controller module. You just have to ask the end-user.

DJ Omnimaga:
I know that 83+SE models are usually 6 contrast levels darker than the 83+ and the 84+/SE is 2-3 levels darker than the 83+, but I think it might vary from calc to calc. It's best to set a default value then let the user of the program change it.


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