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Creating Modules on calc?

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Hi. I have a question that maybe someone else might have so I'm posting for the benifit of the community. I would like some help creating modules using Mimas. I'm pretty sure a module can be in program format although it would look better in appvar format. But converting it from a program to an appvar isn't hard.

At the moment I looking at the located here ->
Any help on doing this would be appreciated. :P

I attempted this with Mimas and managed to crash my calc when I tried to use it :|

What did you do to create one?

I just used the same format as listed, except I had to hard-code the offsets. It could also have been a bug in the version of Grammer that I was using.

Okay I will have to try my include file. I guess I could just make a module that displays "Hello" and pauses till a key is press. $HI.

EDT: Won't get the chance though until I can find some new batteries. :P TI-Connect is saying low battery. Would it still say the same thing if I used TiLP?


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