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Hey, When I open Grammer, The screen gets scrambled, Can anyone fix this? I can only exit with Clear, and I have Version of Grammer.

A suggestion from Eeems:

--- Code: ---Zeda: Would the LCD fix solve joshuarpl's issue with Grammer? (
--- End code ---
Try this first. Some batches of calcs have particularly slow LCDs, so this would fix that issue.

Nope, didn't fix it.


--- Quote from: joshuarpl on March 04, 2019, 08:16:54 pm ---Nope, didn't fix it.

--- End quote ---
I would suggest giving a little more information on what is happening: Calculator model, OS version, Hardware revision, and a screenshot of what is happening.

Maybe nevermind, Grammer doesn't work on my physical calculator, but it does work on Wabbitemu...
EDIT: By pressing F1 to F5, I can change the screen, so it kinda works...


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