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  1. [SOLVED] Tunnel Syntax error (2014.0331)
  2. MOVED: New HP Prime OS Version: 2014.0331
  3. [solved] Bricked because of failed firmware update ?
  4. Call for Beta Testing Applications
  5. HP50G advanced applications for mathematics
  6. HP Prime Skin Editor
  7. Some Cellular Automata program on Youtube
  8. Life Force for the HP Prime
  9. Is 1▶a instead of a := 1 bad practice? (HP Prime)
  10. ICON glitch? (Syntax error even with good code)
  11. HP Prime nitacku-ized (animation)
  12. Columns scoring rules
  13. How to save things ?
  14. A clock
  15. Making Formatting Easier
  16. MOVED: Spaceinvader game
  17. HP Tribute video in the works (old thread)
  18. MOVED: [WIP] Trailblazer Prime
  19. Invalid Input during local variable declaring [HP PPL]
  20. FILLPOLY_P: Insufficient memory
  21. Adventures with the HP 28S
  22. HP PPL Fade in/out effects (SNES style)
  23. Particles
  24. The best place for HP Prime hacking/development discussion...
  25. Sprite data conversion/compression discussion (HP Prime)
  26. Hp Prime Questions and Help
  27. MOVED: First PRIME Update
  28. New HP 39gII connectivity kit (Nov 2013)
  29. 22 FPS 3D graphics on HP Prime! (sort-of)
  30. More HP Prime performance tests: Circles, Int and Random
  31. A solution to HP connectivity problems
  32. HP Prime Emulator!!!
  33. [HP Prime] Transparency problem with image (in code/when converting)
  34. Splitting colors/getting the value of a part of a color
  35. HP Prime CAS: Error reports, request, etc :
  36. Student testers of DVT HP Prime appeared
  37. New HP Prime OS update
  38. Juju's review of the HP Prime
  39. HP Prime news list (as of August 11th)
  40. Prime Wiki Discussion
  41. "Crazy" HP Prime stuff in programs. (Also a reply to Tim Wessman)
  42. BUGs on HP39GII and HP50G
  43. HP 39gII BASIC(?) speed testing
  44. HP 39gII grayscale tunnel clone
  45. Hp 50g
  46. HP Help...