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Title: Looking for img2prime by Deeph, or another way to get Sprites with transparency.
Post by: matalog on May 23, 2021, 05:53:24 pm
I am looking for a way to get sprites onto my HP Prime, to make a little game.  I have been able to do it, using Tim Wessman's DIMGROB generator, found in the second post down here ( - although, when I use that the pixels that I assign the transparency colour, are not transparent on the calculator screen they are white, and drawn over the background.  Is there a special way to activate the transparent pixels output by that program?  If you can get sprites surrounded by transparent pixels from it, could you please show me a small example?

There is another program, that has a screenshot showing that it works, 4th post from the bottom of this page ( it used to be hosted at: ( but it doesn't seem to be there anymore, and an unknown file is downloaded when accessed by the Wayback machine.

Does anyone have a copy of img2prime that Deeph made?

Thanks for any help.