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New HP Prime OS: 2016.08.29 r10637
« on: September 06, 2016, 03:43:27 pm »
New calculator OS, Connectivity Kit and Virtual Calculator at

HP Prime – Release Notes

Date Released: 2016/08/29

Internal Versions
      Firmware Version:    2016 08 29 (10637)
      Virtual Calculator Version:    2016 08 29 (10637)
      Connectivity Kit:    2016 08 29 (10637)

This maintenance release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers fixes to outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience.

Please back up your calculator before the update. Any existing data on the device may be wiped during the update process.

New Functionality (Connectivity Kit)
1.   Improved USB communication speed and reliability to Prime calculator
New Functionality (Calculator Software)
1.   Changed Sequence Symb view to improve operation
2.   Improve memory handling when receiving larger files coming from connkit
3.   Improve linear solver app to use more digits internally to enhance precision

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS
1.   Resolved issue when deleting the backups using shift-clear in memory manager
2.   Resolved issue with overwrite backup with no prompt or warning
3.   Resolved issue with 'Airy' CAS functions being in catalog unintentionally
4.   Resolved issue with BLIT incorrectly reporting syntax error with 12 arguments
5.   Resolved issue with r8151 and earlier notes not being directly loadable
6.   Resolved issue with complex settings being linked incorrectly with home/CAS
7.   Resolved issue with dot operator .^ in home not working like r8151
8.   Resolved issue with INPUT string getting double quotes. str:="test"; INPUT({{str,[2]}})
9.   Resolved issue with Ans pointer and simplify/exact/approx key clicks
10.   Resolved issue with multiple equation solving in solve app not returning result for short answers
11.   Resolved issue with Sequence Symb view and tapping in certain state and place
12.   Resolved issue with RECT transparency (and others) not matching r8151 behavior
13.   Resolved issue with switching digit grouping - even with pragma in source
14.   Resolved issue with GRAD mode and ARG function
15.   Resolved issue with AFilesB on hardware calculator alone
16.   Resolved issue with 2 argument IFTE in advanced grapher
17.   Resolved issue with high CPU use in connkit
18.   Resolved issue with graphing when using chained comparison operators to match rest of system
19.   Resolved issue with memory browse screen taking a longer time to load
20.   Resolved issue with SCALE
21.   Resolved issue with (,) for decimal in number and the Solve app
22.   Resolved issue with search in help tree being case sensitive
23.   Resolved issue with drawing a vector of plotparam in geometry app
24.   Resolved issue with showing strange numbers in stat app results instead of NaN
25.   Resolved issue where a sketch in stat 2var application would sometimes disappear
26.   Resolved issue in Function app where the cached derivate was used on tangent/slope
27.   Resolved issue INTERSECT of a single list returned a list of 0
28.   Resolved issue with ARG returning error on 0
29.   Resolved issue with "shift" function not appearing in command catalog
30.   Resolved issue with DelAVars

Resolved issues and changes in CAS
1.   Resolved issue with numer/denom("string"/1)
2.   Resolved issue with EIGENVV([[2,0,0,0],[2,2,0,0],[1,-1,2,-1],[0,1,0,2]])
3.   Resolved issue with a:=(2^(4*x)+4^(2x))/4^(2x+1); limit(a,x=inf);
4.   Resolved issue with intersection of hyperbolics
5.   Resolved issue with is_element on certain figures
6.   Resolved issue with integrate(1/sqrt(-9-x^2))
7.   Resolved issue with int(cos(x^2/2),x,1.,-1.)
8.   Resolved issue with solve(abs(6x - 3) + abs(6x + 9) - 12=0);
9.   Resolved issue with desolve(y'+y=2*exp(-x) and y(0)=3)
10.   Resolved issue with substitution returning wrong limits like for limit((x^2-121/25)/(x-11/5),x,11/5)
11.   Resolved issue with a:=sqrt(3)*1/30*atan(2*(-(sqrt(3))/2+tan(5*x)^(1/3))); simplify(a);
12.   Resolved issue with int((a*sec(x)^2-sin(2*x))*(cot(x)^3+1),x)
13.   Resolved issue with int(abs(2x-5),x,0,5);
14.   Resolved issue with int(1/sqrt(-9-x^2))
15.   Resolved issue with int(cos(x^2/2),x,1.,-1.)
16.   Resolved issue with int(1/(1+x^2)) in degree mode
17.   Resolved issue with fsolve([X^2-Y-1=0,-X+Y^2-1=0],[X=0,Y=0])
18.   Resolved issue with int(ln(tan(x))/(sin(x)*cos(x)))