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DJ Omnimaga:
Please include a readme.txt file with your files in the future. I noticed a new trend in the community where all BASIC/Lua programmers no longer include a stand-alone readme.txt file with their games or programs. Instead, they include the readme directly inside the TNS file, and I even noticed more and more people who don't even include any instructions such as controls.

There used to only be two people that did that before, including a member here, but now it's almost every Nspire BASIC and Lua programmers.

Sometimes, I like to be able to check how the game operates prior installing it on my calc, to make sure it will not be too hard to play for me or to see if it's really what I expect (example, if it's an RPG and it says to type numbers then enter to move around instead of pressing arrows, I will not bother downloading it). However, when you put the readme directly inside the game document, this is impossible, as I am forced to load it on my calc, an emulator or a document player, and it's annoying.

So please, in the future, could you please do like TI-83 Plus, TI-89T and Casio programmers and make your readme.txt separate from the BASIC/Lua TNS files or both? Thanks.

I agree with this completely! :)

Actually, I have never even included the instructions in an Nspire document page, only in a separate ReadMe file.  Most of the time, the contents of a ReadMe play a large role in whether I actually try a game!

DJ Omnimaga:
On the 83+, when I see a RPG on ticalc, the first thing I look for is if the controls says "Press number keys to select stuff in the menus" and that there are no character movement control. This automatically tells me it's a menu-only RPG. Now those are uploaded in a separate directory on, but some still sneak in the regular RPG section from time to time.

Jim Bauwens:
Yeah, this is very true. I'll keep it in mind when I release my programs.

Better making a Readme readable by the calc (or even inside the prog) because when we send the prog to a friend, we can't always send the Readme.


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