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Doom written in LUA?


New member here!
So I have been looking for a way to run Ndless programs on my TI Nspire CX II, but I have looked far and wide for a solution and I can't find anything. Since it is of course impossible to run any programs on my calculator that require Ndless since it came with the latest OS, I was wondering whether anyone had written Doom in LUA. I'm running out of options here, and I've been considering learning LUA to write it myself  :(

Most Doom ports are usually simpler, usually just recompiling the code with patched graphics, IO etc. A full rewrite in Lua is much harder and I doubt it has been done. Even if it were done, I would expect abysmal performance (if it even runs at all).

You could help the development of ndless for newer versions by trying to reproduce any crashes you come across and send it to vogtinator, where they can check if it's a potential new exploit for ndless.

That's good to know, though I'm not sure how to crash my calculator, though it's been so long since the last update that I'm surprised that they haven't found one already, maybe they're waiting for the CX II to transition to OS 6.0 like the iPad has? Cheers to you, I'll try my best to reproduce any crashes I come across.


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