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Hello Omnimaga,

I would like to introduce myself as Chiefie -- some call me Chief. I am currently working towards a BA in software engineering at OIT.

Enough with the introduction, I'd like to ask a question!

I am curious as to what level of encryption/protection the TI Nspire Student Software uses to password-protect the "script editor" files. I am not doing this to steal someone's work. I have been challenged by a peer of mine to "crack" a .tns file he sent over containing a series of algorithms that pertain to compression and the storage of files. It's pretty stupid, but he says, "they're worth millions," jokingly, of course. Would it be possible to bypass the password? I also have little to no background in cracking encrypted documents or password protected programs. Thanks!

Chief  O.O

Hi Chief(ie), Welcome to Omnimaga!
Surely it's possible! You might have to wait a long while though.
The password cracker business is in itself worth millions today (no joke implied!). TI's Nspire will be no different (for a change, hehe).
My first google hit delivers this: .
Good luck.


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