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I am kind of stuck on the TextBox Control once again. It currently acts like the previous textbox control but that is not acceptable as it had no way to edit the text other than backspacing and rewriting it. Does anyone know of any good example of textboxes and how the are rendered? Ive been doing google searches but have been having a tough time finding source code examples.

DJ Omnimaga:
Sorry I missed your post. You might need to ask in the Lua sub-forum so that people see it, else people who only check help topics will miss your question. I can't help sadly, though. Have you checked the Nspire-Lua wiki?

It has been a while.... I want to get back into working on this again, but I want to know: whats new? I noticed there still isn't a lot of activity when it comes to Lua development on the TI-Nspire platform. Has anything important been added to TI-Nspire Lua?


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