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Ok, so im updating my library and the documentation. So far i have Dialog Boxes, Text Boxes, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Numeric Up Downs, Labels and Picture Boxes. I would like some input if you have used my library or if i could add some controlls to it.
I did fix the picture box bug so it does work correctly, I am also working on adding more editing functions to the text boxes.
tell me if i missed something

Jim Bauwens:
Hi :)
I never tried your library but to me it doesn't look like you are using classes.
Making your code object oriented will make your life a 1000 times easier ;)

In case you never heard of classes, here is some reference:

I would also try to use a "screenmanager", create a screen class were all the functions of "on" are redirected too.
You can also take a look at  my GUI library I'm developing for EEPro ( ). I extensively use classes there.

Good job, but in EEPro, we've been doing some intensive GUI Lib work, and here's an example of dialog boxes we make :

with this kind of code :

--- Code: ---
add_unit = Dialog("Add unit","10","7.5","80","85")

unit_value = sInput()
unit_value.ww = "77"
unit_value.number = true

units_list = sList()
units_list.hh = "41"
units_list.ww = "77"
units_list.shrink = true

lbl1 = sLabel("Value:", unit_value)
lbl2 = sLabel("Unit:", units_list)

button_ok = sButton("OK", compute)
button_esc = sButton("Cancel", remove_screen)

add_unit:appendWidget(lbl1, "2", "18")
add_unit:appendWidget(lbl2, "2", "38")
add_unit:appendWidget(unit_value, "20", "18")
add_unit:appendWidget(units_list, "20", "38")
add_unit:appendWidget(button_ok, "60", "82")
add_unit:appendWidget(button_esc, "75", "82")

--- End code ---

( )

They are all interactive (tab keys to switch focus, unicode input text, react to mouse and keyboard) etc.

Maybe you should try to make some native-looklike GUI stuff and then we'd combien what you have with what we've done in EEPro ? :)

ok good to know. one of the reasons i am updating it is to make a better use of the lua's OOP programming.
the screen manager idea is one that i hadnt thought of before that i probably should have.
The EEPro stuff looks realy cool too

would you mind posting your source, or a screenie with everything working? i wanna see how it looks like


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