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Title: Demos and bug reports
Post by: Deep Toaster on July 24, 2014, 01:12:55 am

This isn't much of a demo in terms of content; there's only one level, and it's a test level, and there's no way to get out of it except by pressing CLEAR (quit). But you can try out the physics and stuff I suppose.

MAXSEC is the main program and TEDIT is the (soon-to-be-incorporated) level editor.

In the main program, none of the menu items really do anything; making any sequence of selections gets you to the test level (again, quit by CLEAR).

In the level editor, use 2nd to add a block, DEL to delete it, and MODE to choose the block cursor.
Title: Re: Demos and bug reports
Post by: Deep Toaster on August 16, 2014, 01:09:40 am
New demo with fully functional level editor!

As a warning, I haven't run into any nasty crashes with this specific build of the game, but I won't be responsible for any damages <_<

Again, only one built-in level for playing. This is more a demo of the level editor, and a chance for level designers to start playing around with it. On that note, here are some instructions for using the level editor.

On the main screen, go to Maker. (The About page isn't implemented yet so it does basically the same thing, with a glitch here and there :P )

The next page is the level pack select screen. The first option allows you to create a new level, for which you need to specify the name of the level and the password for editing.

The final page is the level select screen. There is one empty level by default. Press + to create a new level, - to delete a level, 2nd to start editing, and CLEAR to go back.

When you're actually editing a level, press Mode to access the toolbar (or just use TRACE/GRAPH to swap blocks quickly), 2nd to put down a block, DEL to clear a block (same as adding a blank block), ENTER to save immediately, and CLEAR to quit.

Essential features that will be implemented in the next version are * to move a level down and ÷ to move a level up.

Another essential feature is to be able to quickly test levels while editing them, but I haven't figured out the best key for doing that yet.

The level is stored as an appvar named the same as the level itself, and it will overwrite any existing such appvar. Feel free to start designing levels—the appvar structure will remain intact for future versions, and if you have any you're proud of you can just post them in a separate topic in this forum :)

EDIT: Removed download due to possible memory leak, will upload fixed version later today.
Title: Re: Demos and bug reports
Post by: Deep Toaster on August 18, 2014, 04:54:19 pm
New version with complete level editor (including modifying level order).

Also fixed some minor bugs with the core engine.

MAXSEC is the main program; SPEED is a demo level pack with two levels which will probably make it into the final default level set, so give them a try!

EDIT: Just to clarify, there are no default levels yet, so if you just want to download the game to play a demo, you'll also need to download the SPEED appvar.