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[DEMO] Not a Number - Machine Becoming Warm (The Uprising)
« on: December 01, 2014, 07:18:02 am »
Title:Machine Becoming Warm (The Uprising)
Length:~2:00 (currently)


I know what you're thinking, where the hell have I been for the last, what, 4 months?

Well, for those of you don't follow me elsewhere (if I wasn't typing on my phone I'd be dropping links all over this), I've been in the process of moving (graduating University and all that) and as such, music has been very much on the back burner while I've been getting wverything else sorted. But, now I'm at point where I can resume work on my album, so it's full steam ahead on that front! :D

As for the track itself. It's something a little different, a bit more acoustic than the usual heavy stuff (but this will get heavy-fied, don't you worry), and plus it's good practice for me because admittedly, my acoustic skills are severly lacking.
There's only one guitar in this, but I do plan on adding some more for the final version. This, if anything is just a taster of what the track will sound like. ;)

And as always, enjoy/endure.