Author Topic: [MIDI] Not a Number - To Arms, Brothers; We Are At War! (pt I: Fate Denied)  (Read 1521 times)

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Title:To Arms, Brothers; We Are At War! (pt I: Fate Denied)
Length:0:32 (currently)

As I said in my last submission, I'm going to be making use of the MegaDrive/Genesis SoundFont to play my MIDIs; at least browsers can play mp3s properly.

Honestly, I'm a little unsure with this track; I thought I was going to write something a little slower, but this track doesn't sound right when slowed down (this plays at 125bpm, was thinking of writing something at 110bpm). I'm trying to channel/emulate something like the first part to Porcupine Tree's Anesthetize, even though I'm working with fewer total instruments (while I'm no drummer myself, I write for 3 tom drum kits, while these guys have twice that, and that's just toms).

This is only the first 16 bars, but I think I should start cataloguing whatever major progress I make on a track, rather than keeping it secret; last time I kept everything secret, I had to cancel an entire album half-way through because it wasn't going in the direction I was hoping (although that was 5 years ago when I didn't have the proper equipment to write the sort of thing I wanted to)

As you can gather from the title, this is the prequel to To Arms, Brothers; We Are At War! (Part II: The Rebellion). Might end up changing the title though; I'm having a little trouble deciding on a subtitle for this song, given where in the story it takes place. That said, "Fate Denied" is the best I can come up with for now. I would say what is going to be happening in the song regarding the story in case you want to offer suggestions, but even though in the last paragraph I said that I didn't want to keep everything secret, I think the storyline is one I don't want to spoil for you ;)


Any feedback is greatly appreciated.