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Title: Album out now - Not a Number - "Circle Mix β" (2013)
Post by: Not a Number on February 28, 2013, 06:46:51 pm


Well, here we are yet again: February's been and gone, and that inevitably means another attempt at the RPM Challenge. This time around, I have the benefit of having a computer more powerful than the last one; one that can actually handle ePSXe and a recording program (in this case Fraps; no matter how many times I update the drivers, the sound card just forgot Stereo Mix) at the same time and still record at a constant 50fps (well, it did flit around 49, but not to the point where it damaged the syncing). So no more "transitions might be derped up".

Spoiler For Spoiler:
Continuing the concept of the previous album, the entire album is once again based around the concept of the Cricle of Fifths, where each track is based on a Major scale a fifth above its predecessor (This time, Track 1 = F# Major, Track 2 = C# Major), but some may use different modes based on that scale, hence the album art. This album covers the second half, from F# to F (and has a brief fling with C); Since the "Circle" is now "completed", chances of a "Circle Mix γ" are very slim. That's not to say I won't give RPM Challenge 2014 a shot, of course. ;)

01. Out of Alpha (2013 Mix) (5:46)
02. I Paint Myself With Racing Stripes (5:49)
03. Everybody Must Share This Song On Facebook For No Reason (8:30)
04. Phoenix 2.0: Reincarnation (10:47)
05. Let's Do Something Different For a Change (LOL JK, Here's More of the Same) (5:56)
06. I Couldn't Think Up a Witty Enough Title For This Song So You'll Just Have To Make Do With This One (6:58)

Once again, I've put it as "Name Your Price", so if you want it for free, go ahead; if you want to pay for it, I ain't stopping you.

So without any more delays, enjoy.

Or endure, whichever applies. :P