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« on: April 25, 2005, 10:00:01 am »
Dan Cook has released Squirrelbox. It's a compiler designed for a new programming language designed for z80 calcs called Antidisassemblage. The language looks a lot like C++ and Java (but it is much simpler) and has some interchangeable TI-BASIC-like syntax. The language/compiler is designed for ALL z80 calcs from the TI82 to the TI86, and can do ANYTHING that can be done in assembly.
user posted image
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The language can be customized through include files and assembly macros (which can be designed to add new features to the language). This language has all that good stuff like user-defined variables, arrays, functions that take and return values, control-structures, include files, preprocessor commands (for conditional compilation and stuff), assembly macros, etc. Tutorials and everything that you should need for it is included. This is a cross-platform compiler, so it should run on Mac OS or Unix too. This now open new possibilities for z80 calc programming!
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