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Old RPG projects coming back?
« on: February 17, 2005, 10:00:01 am »
After failed server move back in early 2002, many important things in the TI community that should not have been forgotten have been lost. Yesterday, somebody e-mailed me about Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror (which got featured at and Omnimaga to thank me because I put Zenith Saga on my website. In the e-mail there was a link pointing to I went on his website, read the newsitem and couldn't believe my eyes. Midknight Software is actually the programming group that was known before as Destination Software. It seems that Zenith Saga, which has been released in summer 2001 as a demo and not updated since that date, has come back from the death and is now being developped once again.
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Since December, DS put their site back up and announced on their forums that they are resuming ZS developpement. Once the project will be completed they plan to focus on a new one afterward.

On the TI-83+ scene, The Forgotten Sword developpement started once again a few months ago.
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Altough it's have been a month since it was updated it's good news to hear this. Go to more info.

On the TI-86 scene, many of you are probably wondering what happened to Macross Software website, which have been unavaliable for a while. In fact they lost the domain and had to take instead. Thanks to TI-Freak Ware for the new link. Cullen Sauls resumed work on a RPG called "The Earth", which will feature awesome grayscale graphics.
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Go to for more info.

As evidence here, there is still hope to see some dead projects coming back to life. Let's hope to see more new progress from their authors.
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