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Title: POTY 2018 !
Post by: Xeda112358 on December 04, 2018, 11:37:42 am's ( Program Of The Year polls are open!
For the TI-83+/84+ category, it looks like a bunch of older projects split between two authors-- myself and squidgetx ( (ticalc profile (

Up for the vote are the following programs (in the order listed on

Batlib ( (ticalc link (
Batlib is a huge library for BASIC programmers. It has 120+ functions mostly for graphics and string and data manipulation, list and matrix manipulation, compression, and much more.

CopyProg ( (ticalc link (
This is a small program that allows users to copy variables from RAM or Archive to another variable. CopyProg2 has a few other features as well (like line reading and reading the names of the variables on your calc). It allows you to do things like copy an archived appvar to a temp program for execution ;)

Embers ( (ticalc link (
Embers is an ARPG that won Omnimaga Contest 2012 ( This was a really well put together game. It features good graphics, good AI, and storyline.

FloatLib ( (ticalc link (
Floatlib is an app that holds many single-precision float routines from addition to hyperbolic tangent. It comes with a built-in reference manual and there are some examples like computing the Mandelbrot Set.

Gravity Guy ( (ticalc link (
Gravity Guy is "a port/variation of the popular iphone/flash game" of the same name. You basically get to flip the direction of gravity to help navigate obstacles.

LblRW ( (ticalc link (
LblRW is a small utility for BASIC programmers that lets you read or modify data within the BASIC program, using a label offset. That's a mouthful. Basically, "Hey, I want to store player data in my RPG, let's store it after Lbl PD." Or you can store monster data for quick access for example ;)
(no screenshot, sorry :( )

StickNinja ( (ticalc link (
StickNinja was an Omnimaga Contest 2011 ( entry that earned 3rd place. It's basically a platformer with awesome Stick Figure and Ninja graphics. Collect coins, destroy enemies; It's got it all.
Title: Re: POTY 2018 !
Post by: Eeems on December 04, 2018, 12:50:16 pm
Could you add some screenshots to the post. Other than that it looks good to me.
Title: Re: POTY 2018 !
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Okay, added screenshots, thanks!