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Title: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)
Post by: DJ Omnimaga on November 07, 2012, 03:07:36 am
6 months after releasing A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2002-2012) (, a compilation of almost all my happy and UK hardcore songs, I am finally releasing its dance music counterpart: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12) (!

( (

Spoiler For Track list:
   1.   The Last Hurrah of Omnidance  02:46       
   2.   Dark Abyss  07:05       
   3.   Trancimaga  04:55       
   4.   Grooving to the Melody  06:11       
   5.   Welcome Back in 1995  04:21       
   6.   The Good Old Days  06:11       
   7.   Grooving to the Melody (Trance Remix)  04:44       
   8.   Trancing through the 8-Bit Land  03:50       
   9.   Everest  03:28       
   10.   Dark Eurodance  03:38       
   11.   Trance of Time  03:17       
   12.   Grooving to the Melody (Acid Dream Remix)  04:40       
   13.   Moon Knight  03:55       
   14.   Ice  06:24       
   15.   Space Dance  02:00       
   16.   Grooving to the Melody (Happy Hardcore Remix)  03:01       
   17.   Pulse Groove  04:10       
   18.   Once Upon a Time  03:35       
   19.   Eurobeatizer  03:28       
   20.   La Porte du Soleil (Italo-Disco Remix)  04:52       
   21.   Techno Revolution  02:04       
   22.   Firestorm (Trance Remix)  05:57       
   23.   New Beginning  03:14       
   24.   The Summer Trance  04:12       
   25.   Dancing Legend  03:37       
   26.   The Winter Trance  05:10       
   27.   Void  03:53       
   28.   Trita Trance  04:10       
   29.   Techno Strike  04:32       
   30.   Star Knight  05:02       
   31.   Other World  05:08       
   32.   Neo (Trance Remix)  05:17       
   33.   Indra and Shiva  03:37       
   34.   Final Battle  02:57       
   35.   Euro Blast from the Past  04:16       
   36.   Dancing Legend 2007  06:12       
   37.   Techno Strike 3000  04:40       
   38.   Chaos Inside Me  04:24       
   39.   Techno Revolution (2007 Extended Mix)  05:40       
   40.   Deep Under the Shadows  05:17       
   41.   Everest (Extended Mix)  05:11       
   42.   Apocalypse  02:04       
   43.   Neo  04:26       
   44.   Nightmare in the Rave  03:14       
   45.   Frozen Danger  01:44       
   46.   Ultra Beat  03:20       
   47.   Ultimate End  04:30       
   48.   Revenge  03:34       
   49.   The Chemist  04:00       
   50.   Neo (Dance Remix)  04:33       
   51.   Ritual of the House  04:02       
   52.   Welcome Back in 1996 (Demo Version)  01:08       
   53.   Void (Demo Version)  02:22       
   54.   Trancimaga (Demo Version)  01:56       
   55.   Epic Journey through the Galaxy (2006 Demo)  04:32

As you can see in the spoiler above, the album contains 55 tracks. It mainly covers the trance and eurodance (90's style) genres, but it also includes several tracks of multiple other genres as well, such as house, acid techno and even industrial. The album also includes two UK hardcore tracks that were not included on the hardcore compilation back in April. One of them is a remix of Metal of Time (, from my TotKotM power metal album, and the other is a short remix of my popular Grooving to the Melody song. Some previously unreleased demo works (even a scrapped song called "Welcome back in 1996") are also included at the end. Many of the songs are available in higher-than-before audio quality.

The Omnidance word in the cover picture is made up from the original Omnidance logo I used for my two audio-cassettes of the same name (which had my entire 2002-2004 original work except Ultra Beat and Apocalypse), with only 3D being added.

A Decade of Omni Dance is available on Bandcamp ( The entire album (and the two large pics it comes with) is the same price as the hardcore compilation from April. This is also my last ever contribution to the electronica/dance/rave music scene, as I have completely moved on to power metal music producing now (I even have a 2nd album of that genre in the works right now).

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Post by: Augs on November 07, 2012, 12:31:02 pm
Thanks for an awesome website.
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Post by: Sorunome on November 07, 2012, 06:48:47 pm
Haha, that's pretty cool! And that are a lot of tracks O.o
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Post by: DJ Omnimaga on November 07, 2012, 07:22:41 pm
Yeah I was expecting 45 tracks but eventually I managed to get higher quality sound from some original tape recordings and decided to include them at the end, and I decided to include some demo songs and stuff that were either not released or sounded different.

By the way Welcome Back in 1996 is a scrapped song project from 2008.

The album only misses two tracks I created: Ultimate End 2003 and S.O.S. Trance. Ultimate End 2003's original tape recording quality was so horrible that it was not even close to recoverable by digital remastering and there was no re-recorded version available. It isn't as great and not much different than the 2002 version anyway: It's one pitch higher, has reverb on the kickdrum rather than the bass and the middle part is a bit different. As for S.O.S Trance, while it is the original version of S.O.S Hardcore, it sounds very similar to a French song by Marie Denise Pelletier (even the pitch). I didn't want to risk copyright troubles. I even considered omitting The Winter Trance for the same reason (it sounds a bit like Rhythm is a Dancer), but since it had many different parts besides the instruments and progression (unlike S.O.S trance which could be flat-out mashed up with the French song), and due to how popular it is, I decided to include it anyway.
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Post by: Thundermagnet on November 07, 2012, 09:36:39 pm
You know, I will never understand where composers get their song melodies from.

55 different songs?!  As a composer it makes me wonder: "How is that even possible!"

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Post by: DJ Omnimaga on November 07, 2012, 10:43:58 pm
Well, by 2009 or so I was actually starting to run out of ideas for that music genre D:. I guess if I didn't lose interest in making dance music I could have made some remixes of my metal songs, though. A lot of my stuff is inspired from video game music.
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Post by: DJ Omnimaga on November 24, 2012, 03:03:51 pm

I think they need to change the way their pricing is calculated >.<.
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Post by: DJ Omnimaga on August 12, 2014, 02:36:01 am

The Bandcamp version of this album now includes three extra (bonus) songs and a medley of scrapped material, all of which are available as individual downloads for free: Ultimate End 2003, Indra and Shiva (9 minutes Version) and S.O.S Trance.

-Ultimate End 2003 was originally not included because sound quality was godawful (ripped directly from old cassette) and even Audacity edits wouldn't save the song, unlike with Revenge, The Chemist and Ritual of the House. Since I wanted as much of my discography as possible to be available on Bandcamp, I decided to finally upload it anyway.

-Indra and Shiva (Long Version): Original version of Indra and Shiva, ripped from cassette. This version is close to 10 minutes long and was originally not included on this album due to terrible sound quality and audio issues near the end but I finally decided to add it as free bonus track. It's very repetitive, which is why a shorter version was made.

-S.O.S. Trance: You have probably haven't heard this one before, except mixed with another song. It,s a different and slower happy hardcore version of S.O.S Hardcore on the album A Decade of Magic Hardcore. This version came out around Summer 2003. Due to extreme similarities with a song from Marie-Denise Pelletier (since it was meant to be used in a bootleg remix of the original, which was posted on Omni back in 2007), this version was never included on any album I sold before and I am offering the song for free with "name-your-price" disabled (although it comes by default with the album if you purchase all of it). Sound quality is awful as it was ripped directly from a cassette player. It's now available as very few people heard it before.

-Scraps Medley (Dance): Three unfinished songs, one of which was made on a Game Boy Color and is called All the People in the House, another one that was made using a Game Boy Advance and another made with a computer. All of those demos date back in 2008.
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Post by: DJ Omnimaga on October 01, 2014, 07:44:01 pm
WARNING: For those who cannot use Bandcamp to purchase this album, I am letting you know that the iTunes/Spotify/Zune/Rhapsody/etc version of this album will be terminated very soon. Takedown requests were issued to Reverbnation for Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga, Tales of the Knight of the Moon and A Decade of Omnidance, so in a few months or weeks they'll be gone from retailers (except Bandcamp of course). If you planned to purchase this album, then you should do it as soon as possible because it is unknown when and if it will be back on iTunes afterward. A Decade of Magic Hardcore will remain for the time being, as it's the only profitable album in the list.
Title: Re: A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)
Post by: DJ Omnimaga on January 14, 2020, 05:15:00 pm
Update: Ignore the previous post partially: Last year I found a music distro service that doesn't charge a single penny to put (and keep) my music on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and Deezer, so some of my music is now available again on those services, including some of my more recent albums.