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Title: Highlights of the Month - January 2016
Post by: pimathbrainiac on February 01, 2016, 08:31:52 pm
Well, since I'm in a good mood again, I'm going to start a new news series (across all three English-speaking calc forums) called "Highlights of the Month." Same deal as tifreaks "Projects of the Month," but I'm going to cover all three forums and won't cover everything, just the things I find noteworthy. Cross-posted projects get linked to the forum where the author appears to be most active (although if you are featured and would like a different forum linked, please PM me and I'll change the link). Ready? Go!

Monochrome z80
Ballrix z80 Assembly Remake ( by Xeda112358 - Xeda has remade DJ Omnimaga's Balltrix game for monochrome z80 calcs
Reuben Quest 3 ( by Sorunome - Sorunome has resumed work on continuing the DJ Omnimaga's Reuben Quest games with his own threequel
KnightOS ( by SirCmpwn - (8x color support as well) The third party OS for the 8x series has seen some improvements this month, as well as some improvements to the SDK and tools
TwoStep ( by DarkestEx/Muessigb - (Android support as well) Work has resumed on this puzzle game. The challenge: get from point A to point B under certain constraints. Is it hard? Yes

TI-84+ CE
LibLoad ( by MateoConLechuga - An appvar that allows for the use of dynamically linked libraries for the CE
Doors CE 9 ( by KermMartian - A CE version of Doors CS(E), with intentions of having full Hybrid Basic compatibility with Doors CSE
Alien Breed 5 Episode III ( by JamesV - (8x monochrome support as well) The third and final installment of the Alien Breed 5 port by JamesV, now with CE support (through an implementation of Mono2Color, originally designed by MateoConLechuga)
First Fantasy CE Port ( by DJ Omnimaga - A port of DJ Omnimaga's RPG of the same name (originally for the CSE)

TI-84+ CSE
Graph 3DC ( by KermMartian - A CSE 3D grapher with full OS integration

X3D ( by catastropher - (PC support as well) A 3D engine for the 68k series (and PC) that has made a lot of progress this past month

MinePrime ( by alexgt - A 2D Minecraft port for the HP Prime. Similar to Jens_K's Nspire Lua version

CEmu ( by MateoConLechuga - It kind of goes without saying, but this CE emulator is the biggest news of the month from December. Progress has been steady this month, with file transfer, new keyboard layouts, and other features being added
TI-84+ CE C SDK ( by MateoConLechuga - Once again, probably the biggest news of the month, but of January, not December. A fully-functional C SDK for PC for the CE that allows for easier programming for us non-assembly folk
Title: Re: Highlights of the Month - January 2016
Post by: Sorunome on February 02, 2016, 10:05:08 am
Yay, I hope we will be able to see again some more weekly sumaries :P

(also, i haven't actually written any code for reuben, more like talked about it xD Been working way more on OmnomIRC recently ;) )
Title: Re: Highlights of the Month - January 2016
Post by: Xeda112358 on February 02, 2016, 02:19:12 pm
Oh, I completely forgot about Balltrix @[email protected] I may have actually made updates, but I'll have to check later.