Author Topic: New black TI-82 Stats in Germany  (Read 5680 times)

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Re: New black TI-82 Stats in Germany
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2013, 03:24:22 am »
As far as calc re-designs go, I think it goes this way excluding language changes such as STATS->Stats.Fr:

-83 Plus style->73 Explorer->84 Plus style

-81 style->83 style->Parcus style

-83 style->83+ style->Parcus style->82 Stats->Black redesign

TI-84 Plus/Silver:
-84+ style->Pocket style

TI-89 Titanium:
-84+ style->Black redesign

So why, after 14 years, is the TI-83 Plus still using the same design despite still being sold? ??? Although I like the old design, I would have thought that TI would have tried to keep its designs more consistent and make the 83+ look like the 84+ ???

Or like the TI-83 Parcus like in this TI-Planet pic (see link)

Or maybe the 84 Pocket.Fr?

And of course the Voyage 200 had no re-design too, but we all know that the entire 68K line seems to be going down the drain so that isn't as surprising.
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